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What if, in the not to distant future, hourly wages and salaries become an obsolete form of compensation. Obsolete meaning complete obsolescence as with the horse and buggy is to transportation. In other words, just as you wouldn’t dare go get an horse and buggy and put it on today’s roads, freeways and interstates, in the not to distant, you wouldn’t dare waste you time working for a mere hourly wage or salary. Not just you, but 95% of the global workforce.  COMPLETE OBSOLESCENCE.

This is the vision behind the Income Reengineering. The central theme behind Income Reengineering is to develop wealth focus mindset among the general public along with a  supporting economic infrastructure to the point where the average individual can comfortable say WHY WORK FOR A MERE WAGE IF I KNOW LONGER HAVE TO.

If this vision become reality, ask yourself:

Income Reengineering principles and processes is an evolving and ongoing concern under the umbrella of the Income Reengineering Business Development Network (IRBDN). So, the primary purpose of this blog is to introduce the concept of Income Reengineering to the general and business public and then host a series of articles to address the economic, political, technological, business, money and opportunity questions and issues embodies by the above links.

The originator and manager of this blog is Multiple Income Networking and Development Services (M.I.N.D.S.). M.I.N.D.S is a small, independent business research organization specializing in peer to peer collaborative business development and interactive learning .  As you learn more about Income Reengineering, you will come for learn that peer to peer collaboration and co-creation is the operational heart of the Income Reengineering mission/vision.