The purpose of this blog is to introduce, teach and support the concept of Income Reengineering. For example, what if, in the not to distant future, hourly wages and salaries become an obsolete form of compensation. Obsolete meaning complete obsolescence as the horse and buggy is to transportation.

In other words, just as you wouldn’t dare put a horse and buggy on today’s roads, freeways and interstates, in the not to distant, you wouldn’t dare waste your time working for a mere hourly wage or salary. Not just you, but 95% of the global workforce.  COMPLETE OBSOLESCENCE. This is the vision behind the Income Reengineering.

The central theme behind this Income Reengineering vision is three fold: 

  • To develop wealth focus mindset among the general public;
  • To provide detailed, aggressive, hands-on and grassroots led supporting economic research.  Grassroots led is key because a transition of this scope must grow from bottom up, not top down. For this reason, the top level objective of all Income Reengineering Principles and Processes is to engineer a real world reality where the average individual can comfortably say: WHY WORK FOR A MERE WAGE IF I KNOW LONGER HAVE TO. 
  • To provide a supporting educational and online infrastructure required to facilitate this large scale, mass transition

The bottom line: THINK BIG …REALLY BIG. Quoting Rich Branson —  “if people aren’t calling you crazy, you aren’t thinking big enough.” I’m sure you would agree, we are passing the Richard Branson test with flying colors. 

Economic research is key.  The economic research component consist of the four primary parts of Income Reengineering plus a big picture overview and supporting a operational links:

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Going forward, this blog will host a series of articles to address the economic, political, technological, business, money and opportunity questions and issues as noted by the links below:

The originator and manager of this blog is Multiple Income Networking and Development Services (M.I.N.D.S.). M.I.N.D.S is a small, independent economic research organization.  Our primary focus is to conduct economic research into how to apply the internet and other information technology to dramatically improve the standard of living for masses.  Income Reengineering principles and processes embody this economic research.