Learn How to Convert Your Job into a Lucrative Business With the Blessing of Your Employer

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It’s called Income Reengineering, one of the most pervasive and financially rewarding trends underwriting the Future of Work. Start Learn and Benefiting Now

Here’s how you do it in a snapshot:

  • Step 1: Learn and use Income Reengineering Part 1 to get funds to pay down bills, build up savings and generally build a financial foundation leading away from paycheck to paycheck dependence;

  • Step 2: Once you have a solid financial foundation, you will be in a position to forgo hourly wages and salaries instead of ownership-based compensation with your employer. When ready and comfortable with this line of thinking, seek to negotiate ownership-based compensation with your current employer. If this is not feasible with your current employer for many reasons, then use the online economic infrastructure established by Income Reengineering Principle Part 2 to secure a co-ownership position. You will be networking and collaborating with others looking to do something similar. You can work within your current field of expertise or area of professional interest either via a remote work scenario or co-located. Your new employer will be very accommodating in this scenario.

  • Step 3: Learn the new Empowered Employee Compensation Model associated with the Income Reengineering Vision and learn how you can earn up to three ownership-based compensation resources, including Productivity Based Compensation, Ownership Equity, and the Residual Income Equity Benefit

Here’s why these three new ownership based resources are so lucrative:

  • Productivity Based Compensation: Here, employers pay empowered employees a negotiated amount daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly linked directly to the professional services they provide to their employer. They are paid based on daily production, not a predetermined wage or salary, nor is it linked to company sales or profits. It’s hard dollars linked to what empowered employees do daily. Also, employees will not have to wait around for raises. They can give themselves a raise in real-time by merely increasing their daily productivity.
  • Ownership Equity: EECM enterprises are 100% owned by original owners and workers. There are no outside investors who do not work for the EECM enterprise. Therefore all empowered employees will receive ownership shares. They can also invest in the EECM to buy more shares while they work there. However, to maintain 100% worker ownership provision, once employees leave, he/she much “cash-out” equity and invest it into their next EECM enterprise. It’s similar to selling a house and investing the proceeds into a new house.
  • Residual Income Equity Benefit: This benefit pays employees a percentage of each sale made by your enterprise, whether the company makes the sale over the internet, inside the office, or over a retail counter. The company pays this regardless of whether a team member is an accountant, engineer, office manager, administrative assistant, or secretary. This benefit pays individuals while they work for your enterprise. It will then continue for some predetermined and negotiated period even after they move on to another enterprise. It’s similar to how movie actors earn income each time a re-run plays.

As you can see from the primary resources, you effectively run your own business while on the job in collaboration with employers. Plus, you will have continuous access to financial resources that will help you maintain and build your financial foundation in addition to these three 3 workplace compensation resources.

Dig In, Learn and Get Started

Your next step is to plug in and learn more. You have two options

  • Option #1: Visit the THINK BIG Mastermind Alliance. The Alliance is the Prelaunch Incubator and Business Development Hub. You can join the Alliance for free and learn the system via a series of educational videos. Start here;
  • Option #2: Or, if you don’t want to bother with a membership just yet, you can review and learn the system via a series of educational links —- starting here.

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Dwight B. Chestnut is an ex-engineer turned business consultant and entrepreneur. His core focus and passion is developing, introducing and teaching Income Reengineering Principles and Processes to the general and business public.