Let’s Stop Depending on the Government, Let’s Solve Income Inequality at the Grassroots Level

Why do we always look to the government to solve economic problems such as income inequality, economic prosperity, and other related issues? Why can’t these issues be addressed and solved at the grassroots level? Efforts are on the way to launch a large-scale, grassroots-led economic research initiative to address this very question and put forth new solutions and new thinking

Income inequality has been around for years. Because of it, the U.S. and the world are facing countless economic problems as the rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle.

But what can we do about it? Do we reform our tax system? Do we pass laws to raise the minimum wage? Do we enact universal healthcare? Do we expand the welfare system? Do we increase the power of unions? Unfortunately, over the years, these solutions and others have not and will not solve this problem on a large scale or have the effect we hope for.

What if we can address and solve the income inequality problem at the grassroots level without relying on the government and the associated think tanks and institutions often funded by the government to address this issue? To this end, this blog post represents an effort to explore this question via an ongoing grassroots-led economic research campaign.

Grassroots-led Economic Research Campaign

All research efforts must start with a hypothesis or a guest to how to solve the problem. Below is an outline of the “big picture” hypothesis associated with this grassroots-led economic research:

  • Collaborate: We form a large grassroots collaborative, innovate in the crowdfunding space, and raise millions per month, month after month.
  • Crowdfund: We use crowdfunding dollars to fund worker-owned collaborations that are 100% owned by workers. These worker-owned collaborations operate online part-time, creating scenarios where individuals can work online part-time as co-owners within their field of expertise or area of professional interest. No investment is required. Individuals submit a resume, secure the position, and show up for work online part-time as co-owners;
  • Build Wealth: We encourage individuals to leverage these new online co-ownership opportunities to pay down bills, build up savings, and generally build a financial foundation leading away from paycheck-to-paycheck dependence. This way, individuals can comfortably leave the income limitations of a traditional job, collaborate with others, and form new, full-time, worker-owned enterprises with the potential to double or triple their workplace income. We introduce and teach the new Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM) as the new workplace model that supports this 2 to 3-fold increase income income.
  • Transform: At some point in the future, traditional companies and corporations will find it hard to find or keep qualified workers still willing to work for a mere hourly wage or salary. As such, employers will have to collaborate and wrap worker compensation around ownership-based incentives on a large scale. The long-term result is that we dramatically improve the income and wealth-building ability of the masses and solve the income inequality problem on a large scale.

As noted, this collaborative, crowdfund, build wealth, and transform model is the top-level hypothesis feeding grassroots-led economic research. As with any hypothesis, we have to put it to the test in the real world to prove its viability. We adjust the hypothesis and continue moving forward if it’s not viable.


To learn more, you can take one of the following paths:

Whatever option you, you will see a new, but vigorous grassroots-led effort to tackle the income inequality problem on a large scale.

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Dwight B. Chestnut is an ex-engineer turned business consultant and entrepreneur. His core focus and passion is developing, introducing and teaching Income Reengineering Principles and Processes to the general and business public.

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