This General Operations section is part of the Income Reengineering big picture focus

  • General Operations

In this section, we cover general operations associated with Prelaunch, Stage I, and Stage II.

The Prelaunch, Stage I and Stage II Operational Focus

If you remember:

The central objective of Income Reengineering Principle Part 1 is to deploy a peer-to-peer network to crowdfund thousands upon thousands of new business enterprises that can operate part-time online and be 100% owned by the individuals working part-time for these enterprises;

  • Then we encourage individuals to use the extra income to pay down bills, build up savings and generally build a financial foundation leading away from paycheck-to-paycheck dependence

  • Our focus during this Prelaunch, Stage I and Stage II is to bring Income Reengineering Principle Part 1 to life.

For this reason, this is our Prelaunch, Stage I, and Stage II Operational Focus:

The Prelaunch, Stage I and Stage II Focus: The Prelaunch, Stage I and Stage II Focus is to launch a peer-to-peer production campaign to motivate, nurture, crowdfund, launch, market, and spin-off thousands of new business enterprises that can operate part-time online. Each enterprise will be 100% owned by career professionals who work part-time for these enterprises. This way, people who usually earn wages and salaries can show for work online part-time, earn immediate income, and build long-term wealth as co-owners of these new online enterprises.

To put this operation into action, we are staffing up with:

  • Career Professionals – participating part-time as independent contractors (i.e., accountants, administrative assistants, computer programmers, project managers, etc.);

  • Home and Small Business Owners – participating part-time as independent contractors (consultants, coaches, product producers/owners);

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs — participating part-time as independent contractors (all professional disciplines).

  • Affiliate/Referral Marketers — participating part-time as independent contractors (all professional disciplines).

Each professional category corresponds to one or more of these Staffing Categories

  • Originating Partners
  • Consulting Partners
  • Corporate Partners
  • EECM Partners
  • Development Partners
  • Staffing Partners

Here’s how they compare.

Let’s take a look at each Staffing Category:

Originating Partners

As an Originating Partner, you will:

  • Write business plans and lead the origination of an online enterprise that will be 100% owned by you and career professionals who interact with you as independent contractors;

  • Once you have a finished and approved business plan, you can use the TBMA system to crowdfund your plan.

  • Once funded, you can staff your new business with other participating entrepreneurs within TBMA

  • Once you and your staff produce a product or service, the TBMA system will market that product or service to potentially millions who support the TBMA mission/vision at no out-of-pocket cost to you;

The bottom line: As an Originating Partner, you will lead the way in bringing Part 1 of the Income Reengineering Principle and the Prelaunch, Stage I, and Stage II Focus to life:

  • The enterprise you start and get funded will create online positions so that people can work online part-time, earn immediate income, and build wealth.

  • As an incentive, you will have direct access to the crowdfunding pools and get free marketing for the product/services your enterprise creates. Let’s look at the value of this free marketing ……

More on Marketing
Beginning in Stage I, we will aggressively spread the word via social media, TV media, and local promotions regarding:

  • Our economic research Operational Mission and Vision;

  • How we are using this research to test and validate the feasibility of phasing out hourly wages and salaries as the primary form of compensation paid to workers to be replaced with a new information age compensation model that will enable both employees and employers to increase their income and standard of living 3 times over.

  • How and when they can benefit.

Consequently, we anticipate millions upon millions per month will visit our operational websites to see what’s going on, ask questions, learn the principles and processes involved, and, ultimately, look to find out how they can benefit and when. At that time, you, operating as an Originating Partner, will have an opportunity to market and promote your product or service to this audience at no cost to you. This audience will be largely supportive of your efforts since, once they learn the value of what we are doing, many will want to see this economic research succeed.

Consulting Partners

If you are an entrepreneur or business consultant with a unique area of expertise in business formations or start-ups, you can help Originating Partners write and finalize their business plans. Originating Partners will pay you a negotiated fee from the crowdfunding dollars they raise plus whatever you and the Originating Partner negotiate (peer to peer production)

Corporate Partners

If you are a home or small business owner with an existing product or service, you can network and collaborate with Originating Partners, integrate your product or service into their business plans and benefit from both the crowdfunding and the marketing benefits offered to Originating Partners (again, peer to peer production). Consider this:

  • Originating Partners must conceptualize and write business plans to facilitate part-time online work;

  • Some operational functions of the plan may not be accessible to online work.

  • In these cases, as a Corporate Partner, you can position your product or service as an outsourcing solution for Originating Partners. By doing so, you benefit from the free marketing available to Originating Partners.

EECM Partners

You can participate and benefit as a part-time online staff member for Originating Partners once Originating Partners have crowdfunded business plan. By doing so, you can just show up for work online part-time, work within your field of expertise or area of professional interest and earn lucrative ownership-based compensation.

You earn the primary income resources associated with the Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM) part-time online:

  • Productivity Based Compensation: This is a fee for service;

  • Ownership Equity: You own a percentage of the online enterprise you work for while you work there; and

  • Residual Income Equity Benefit: You grow continuous monthly residual income linked to the success of the online enterprise you support whether you work as an administrative assistant, project manager or whatever

In fact, this EECM category is where we seek to create millions of part-time online income-producing and wealth-building positions for career professionals who choose to position themselves as part-time independent contractors within the system. This is how we bring Income Reengineering Principle Part 1 to life. Of course, Originating Partners, Consulting Partners, Development Partners, and Corporate Partners work together to create these positions.

Development Partners

Development Partners are identical to EECM Partners, except you will position yourself in the system to work with Originating Partners before he or she is crowdfunded. This gives you more negotiating leverage.

Staffing Partners

Generate multiple streams of monthly residual income simply by referring others to a free membership in the THINK BIG Mastermind Alliance. The THINK BIG Mastermind Alliance is a marketing arm associated with this Income Reengineering or economic research initiative. Again, we use peer-to-peer business models to do it.

Do you want to see this economic research move forward? If so, consider supporting operations.