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We are looking to make a HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT economic impact on society and get filthy rich doing it. JOIN US.

First, here are a few examples of past HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT events:

  • The Industrial Revolution was responsible for the mass migration of the people from farms to factories;
  • President Kennedy’s mission to the moon led to the invention of semi-conductor technology and ultimately computers; and
  • The evolution of the internet from an early government initiative called Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET)

As you can see, looking back, each of these events had a HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT economic impact on society. They had this impact because each event affected the masses in a big way.

Now, this Income Reengineering Blog chronicles the growth and expansion of the following economic research initiative:

Economic Research Initiative: To conduct grassroots-led economic research into how to apply the internet and other information technology to help the masses increase their workplace income at least three times over.

As you can see, the successful implementation of this economic research initiative will affect the masses in a big way like those previous HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT events. We plant the seeds NOW, and future generations will reap the harvest. Therefore, what we do here will be HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT when future generations look back.

What Does This Mean to You NOW?

Now is the best time to get in on the ground floor and help plant the early economic seeds.

  • It’s easy to do, and all you need to do is be willing to learn.
  • You work online part-time within your field of expertise or area of professional interest.
  • You earn significant part-time income now working online part-time; while
  • Positioning yourself professionally and financially to benefit significantly as we field test, evaluate, and plant the early economic seeds feeding this economic research initiative.

So, if you have at least one entrepreneurial bone in your body, don’t miss out on this lucrative ground floor opportunity.

Here’s Why This Could Be Extremely Lucrative For You Financially

Just consider the scope of what we are doing. The only way to help the masses increase their workplace income three times over is to replace hourly wages and salaries with the ten ownership-based income and benefits associated with the Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM) noted below.

This model will increase the aggregate income and standard of living at least three times compared to the day, which is the focus of the economic research initiative and the anticipated economic impact we are looking to create.

Remember, we are talking about the masses, not just a few. So, as we plant the early economic seeds, future generations will experience the income and wealth-building benefits of this new workplace compensation model in the mainstream workplace. Hourly wages and salaries will be a completely obsolete form of compensation similar to how the horse and buggy is an obsolete form of transportation today.

Think about it. Would you put a horse and buggy on today’s roads, freeways, and interstates? Of course not. If you did, you would probably be arrested and ticketed by the highway patrol for reckless endangerment, slowing down traffic, and leaving smelly bi-products all over the road.

If our economic research and the associated Income Reengineering Principles and Processes are successful, future generations will feel the same way about hourly wages and salaries as the primary form of workplace compensation. No one in their right mind would trade their productive efforts for a mere hourly wage or salary as they do today. Any employer offering a mere wage or salary and will probably be reported to the authorities. In other words, we are talking about COMPLETE OBSOLESCENCE.

This is the economic impact behind Income Reengineering Principles and Processes and the associated economic research. The bottom line is that this is big, REALLY BIG and you are on the ground floor.

Be A Part of Something Big

Your next step is to plug in and learn more. You have two options

  • Option #1: Visit the THINK BIG Mastermind Alliance. The Alliance is the Prelaunch Incubator and Business Development Hub. You can join the Alliance for free and learn the system via a series of educational videos. Start here;
  • Option #2: Or, if you don’t want to bother with a membership just yet, you can review and learn the system via a series of educational links —- starting here.

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Dwight B. Chestnut is an ex-engineer turned business consultant and entrepreneur. His core focus and passion is developing, introducing and teaching Income Reengineering Principles and Processes to the general and business public.


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