Income Reengineering Part 2 is one of the four parts of the Income Reengineering big picture focus:

  • Income Reengineering Principle Part 2

All four parts and supporting links work together to complete the Income Reengineering big picture.

Income Reengineering Part 2

Income Reengineering Principle Part 2 evolves out of the successful implementation of Income Reengineering Principle #1. It states:

Over time, this empowerment will find its way into the mainstream workplace as financially empowered employees are willing and financially able to forgo hourly wages and salaries in lieu of more lucrative productivity and ownership based compensation in collaboration with employers. This way people effectively run their own business while on the job

To illustrate Part 2, we have to continue the hypothetical:

  • Now, as people use the peer to peer collaboration and co-creation system to build wealth part-time, they use the extra income to pay down bills, build-up savings and generally make a financial foundation leading away from paycheck to paycheck dependence.

  • Then, with a strong financial foundation and continuous income and wealth coming in from part-time online activities, people are comfortable leaving traditional wage and salaries based jobs and working full time for one of these enterprises full time ..and earn even more income and build even more wealth;

  • Over time, let’s assume that millions upon millions of people use this system to build wealth online and then leave traditional jobs to work full time for one of these new enterprises;

  • When this happens on a large enough scale, traditional companies and corporations large and small will find it hard to find and keep qualified workers still willing to work for a mere hourly wage or salary;

  • Consequently, companies and corporations will have to restructure away from traditional wage/salary-based compensation system to a system where they pay workers ownership-based compensation similar to what people earn online in the peer to peer network;

  • This way, people can show for work full time to build wealth instead of just earning a paycheck to paycheck living.

Now, Part 2 is the hypothesis built on the success of Part 1. With this in mind, Part 2 also brings up some interesting questions:

  • If the masses successfully use Part 1 to build wealth, what will most people do with the wealth? Will people use it to pay down bills, build-up savings, and generally, build a financial foundation leading away from paycheck to paycheck dependence as illustrated by the hypothetical?

  • Will people collaborate and form mutually beneficial alliances with employers, as illustrated? If so, how?We will address these type of questions and more as we field test, evaluate and put this Part 2 hypothetical to the test in the advanced stages of the Income Reengineering Process.

Of course, Part 2 happens in the advanced stages of operations since we have to field test and develop the Part 1 online infrastructure first.

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