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Income Reengineering Part 1 is one of the four parts of the Income Reengineering big picture focus

  • Income Reengineering Principle Part 1

All four parts and supporting operational links work together to complete the Income Reengineering Picture.

Income Reengineering Part 1

Income Reengineering Principle Part 1 states:

Information technology can only translate into individual financial empowerment and wealth for the masses when the masses learn how to use new information technology and connective tools to interact and collaborate professionally with each other outside of the bounds of traditional employment and in ways that is financially empowering to all participating individuals

This phrase: interact and collaborate professionally with each other outside of the bounds of traditional employment and in ways that are financially empowering to all participating individuals. ….is formally referred to as Peer to Peer Collaboration and Co-creation.

Peer to peer means people working together without any corporate or government control. A good example is open source software developers where software engineers all over the world work together to produce software independent of any corporate control. Crowdfunding is also a peer-to-peer production phenomenon. Here’s a simple hypothetical as to how the masses can apply peer-to-peer collaboration and co-creation methodologies to financially empower all participating individuals. WHAT IF:

  • Millions of individuals come together over the internet to form a peer to peer collaboration and co-creation network.
    The central objective of the system is to crowdfund thousands upon thousands of new business enterprises that can operate part-time online and be 100% owned by the individuals working part-time for these enterprises;
  • People can work online part-time within their career field or area of professional interest for one of these new enterprises;
  • While working online part-time, people earning immediate income linked to daily productivity and build wealth by owning a significant percentage of the enterprise they support;
  • The large peer to peer network crowdfunds these new enterprises. Therefore, each enterprise is 100% owned by part-time participants. There are no outside investors, which increases the ownership value for each part-time worker;
  • People own this percentage without having to invest a dime. All people have to do is submit a resume, position themselves professionally within the enterprise, and show up for work online part-time.

From this hypothetical, it’s easy to see how people can use such a system to empower themselves and build wealth financially:

  • People can show up for work online part-time and work within their area of professional interest, earn an immediate part-time income, build ownership equity, and generally build significant wealth
  • People can do it part-time while they keep their primary day job.
  • A key point to note: A system like this can be done entirely through peer to peer production among the general and business public via the internet WITHOUT the aid of any company, corporation, bank, financial institution or the government;
  • People can simply come together over the internet for a common mission and help crowdfund and run the system.

We encourage people to come together online, collaborate and crowdfund the formation of online enterprises that are 100% owned by those participating in online activities.…so on and so forth per the hypothetical.

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